Building a New Home

Robison Digital Solutions is a Preferred Integrated System Vendor for many Home Builders around Indianapolis. Ask your builder if Robison Digital Solutions is on their preferred vendor list. Our network is growing all the time, and builders appreciate a company that is professional and knows the building process.

We would love to hear your ideas for your new home. You will be amazed with how fun a home can be when we plan it from the beginning. The Audio, Video, and Data Network Prewire will serve as the technology nervous system of your home. We know how to make it serve your needs, and help with resale value, as we move together into the future.

Contact us for a quick Prewire quote on your new home!

Once a House is Built

Not every home has the luxury of a Robison Digital prewire. Fear not. We can make magic happen in existing homes, and even in the oldest of homes there is hope. The equipment may change, but the process remains the same.In the past homes have been full of isolated TVs and sound systems, each with their own set of equipment. These days we have more options. Increasing in popularity are centrally distributed audio and video systems where equipment is shared from a common, out of the way location. There is no longer a reason to have cabinets overflowing with cables and equipment. We can make the AV in your home as discrete and clean as you like. It’s all in the planning.

When we plan, we discuss the rooms in your home where we would like a TV, and whether or not you would like support Audio for that TV. Then we discuss what locations around the house we would like speakers for listening. Finally, we select how we control this technology. We know how much you love the seven remote controls in the basket on your coffee table, but how about one remote… or none! Many of our clientele opt to control their entire home with the phone in their pocket.

Knowing your home is secure

At work, on vacation, or laying in your own bed… knowing all is well is a wonderful feeling. Our 4 to 8 HD camera systems have been our most popular package the past few years. We use 1080p digital cameras to supply crystal clear views of your home or business, none of those blurry messes we see on the news of a convenient store.

For businesses, keep an eye on customers, employees, and merchandise. Simply having cameras can be a great deterrent, but depending on what events might transpire, possessing HD footage can help you take the necessary steps.

In the home setting, there are many benefits. Make sure all is secure by glancing at your phone or tablet, or see who is knocking at the door before approaching it. While away, monitor deliveries left at your door until your return, or monitor who is at your home and when. The ability to see that all is well at your home when you are not there is incredibly relieving.